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Reblog and see if you get a color.

  • PURPLE: We near never speak, but I do enjoy your presence on my dashboard.
  • FUCHSIA: I wish I could become your best friend through the internet.
  • GREY: You leave me with jumbled words.
  • RED: I'm in love with you.
  • PINK: I have a crush on you.
  • TURQUOISE: You're hot.
  • CHARTREUSE: I sincerely wish you would notice me.
  • TEAL: We have quite a lot in common.
  • BLUE: You are my Tumblr crush.
  • ORANGE: I dislike your page.
  • GREEN: I find you cute.
  • BLACK: I would date you.
  • BROWN: I dislike you.
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Reblog if you’d fuck one of your followers.

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Make me choose between ___________ or __________.

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Reblog if it’s okay to invade your ask box.

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Love this movie ❤️

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Slay iggy

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The ‘yes or no’ game.

You can ask me anything and I’ll answer honestly, but only with yes and no.

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The Original Broadway Cast of Disney’s The Lion King

Mufasa :: Sarabi :: Young Nala and Simba :: Simba :: Nala:: Rafiki :: Pumba and Timon :: Zazu :: Scar :: The Hyenas (Ed, Shenzi, and Banzai)

This was one of the most amazingly costumed Broadway shows I’ve ever seen.

This show was amazeballz ❤️❤️❤️

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